Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dear Ellen picked me up in her spiffy Prius and carted me off to World Wide Knit in Public Day on Saturday. (Clic on title for Dear Ellen's pictures) A good crew showed up for the morning and it was noted that a group of well-behaved people sitting around knitting drew no negative attention. We drew very little attention at all. Next year, it was suggested, we should have a banner. Or like this. Next year, we should wear knitted bikinis and drink mojitos. But we won't. Will we? Tune in to find out. Next year.

Afterwards, I came home and drowned myself again in Bleak House, Mr Dickens' fabulous tome that was made into a film starring Gillian Anderson, who now hosts Masterpiece Theater Classics. I am reading it. All 1017 pages, including notes. I love the notes. I am a geek who loves the endnotes and reads them. I make no apologies. However, being immersed in Dickens is compelling me to refer to friends as "Dear Ellen," and engage in convoluted turns of phrase, and use words like "propriety" and "decorum," much more often than I might otherwise do.

I have learned how to embed links in my post. Oh dear. This could be dangerous. Or annoying. Likely both.

I am happy today in a particular way, having just learned that my Dear Brother and His Wife have finally sold the house where, one and a half years past, they suffered a despicable home invasion in which my Dear Brother was beaten in the head with an ice skate. He is well, and more himself than ever which is saying something about the nature of his character prior to the scurrilous attack. I adore him. They are now searching for accomodations that may or may not be in town, may or may not be suitable for the upraising of offspring, may or may not be modern. There is some narrowing to be done.

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twinsetellen said...

Oh, Dear Kathy, do let's start speaking in the manner of Dickensian England, shall we?

(you are seriously cracking me up.)