Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Knitting Group at Cafe Latte

Biggest ever turnout! My knitting sisters are an amazing group who inspire me endlessly. I took no pictures, but Dear Ellen did. Thanks to Annie A. who drove six of us in her great big American car. The Annie A. crew stopped in at the Yarnery before heading into Cafe Latte to stimulate the local economy. Purchases by others shall not be disclosed in order to protect the innocent, who may have promised not to buy more yarn.

Eryka was interested in knowing about another amazing woman - on the Iron Range, who is or has knitting exemplar mittens for any country of origin for the range mine workers.... Her name is Anna Faye Crockett and she is mentioned here. I am working on getting contact information for a Sisu appearance:

A subject that came up was the recent piece MPR did on women leaving the sciences. Since there are so many scientists among the group, it was a subject of particular interest.

Another mention that raised some heart rates was the subject of wool shares – I have found a number of places offering such a thing, and the product varies from raw wool to roving to spun wool and alpaca.

Marketed by a Martha's Vineyard shepherd.

In Wisconsin.

In Colorado:
Alpaca wool shares:

Dear spinners, I own a small huacaya alpaca farm in Westcliffe, CO. I have a new program to help support the farm, and to make sure the fiber is put to good use.....you can adopt an alpaca. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Meredith O'Neil, (719) 783-9619, springandautumn @ hotmail.com. Handspinners love fiber, and now they have the chance to get closer to the farm and the animals. Springtime Farms is offering alpacas for adoption. This is a way for the spinning community to support a small, independent farm while receiving some of the most luxurious, natural fiber on Earth. For $200 per year, spinners will get the prime blanket fiber from their alpaca, plus monthly e-mail updates with pictures. Their alpaca will tell them what they've been doing and what's been going on at the farm. Adoptive parents are welcome to visit their alpaca anytime. A list of alpacas up for adoption is available at http://www.springtimefarms.com. Adoptive parents do not own the alpaca. Ownership stays with Springtime Farms. Shearing day is scheduled for Friday, June 6, at 1 p.m. The fiber will be sent to adoptive parents the next week.
In Vermont.

I couldn't find any in Minnesota, but perhaps the Farm will offer this sometime?


pbird said...

I forwarded the "women in science" mpr link to my sis-in-law who is a big-shot 43 yr old, single, no kids corporate scientist. She's got interesting opinions and perspectives on the nature of her job...

Sheep shares...now there's a concept!

I've been thinking of getting a couple of sheep from a friends farm, who also happens to be a fab felter.

This sheep share idea might just be the ticket to get me motivated!


twinsetellen said...

Nice research, as usual, Dear Beegirl.

And pbird - we share a friend! I have manure from Misty Meadows in my garden (or at least I did, several years ago).

Eryka Jackson said...

Kathy, please put the post back up! It was fine!!! I meant to be playful. Im sorry. You were fine!