Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nettles and Jewelweed

I knew jewelweed was antidote for poison ivy, but wondered if it would work with stinging nettles. I have often said that I would rather be stung by 10 bees than get a stinging nettle rash. Yesterday I had a chance to find out. The stinging nettle is blooming outside the Garden, and I wanted to examine the funky flower closer - got nailed by the stingers which among other things contain formic acid. I went to where I know jewelweed grows, got a leaf and rubbed it vigorously over the area. It didn't work until I added a little saliva. Or maybe the vigorous rubbing removed the poison. Or confused the nerve endings. But the rash vanished. While looking for stinging nettle links for this post, I read in a few places that jewelweed is good for nettles - confirmation!

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twinsetellen said...

You like playing with things with stingers far too much, young lady!