Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Things I Am Thankful For

Ok Ruthie, here goes:

1. For my Carolyn
2. For my long-lived parents and for Carolyn's mom and dad, too
3. For my six sweet siblings, their excellent spouses (I think the plural of spouses should be spice) and their wonderful children
4. For my supportive and entertaining friends
5. For the courageous and gifted people who inspire me
6. For the qualities of endurance and insight and a twisted sense of humor
7. For the un-made world, and how everything works together so well
8. For the unknown and the unknowable and for seeing them every day
9. For everyone and everything that strives for wholeness, peace, consolation and joy
10. For puffed up little birds that entertain our cat (for whom I am also thankful) at our feeders.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

1 comment:

RuthieJ said...

That's a good list Kathy!
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.