Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All the news...

The news business wants to put their product in front of as many eyes as possible, because then they can sell more advertising. The news profession has a different agenda.

To get news from professionals instead of from entertainers, you really have to dig:

10,000 US soldiers to be Sent to Afghanistan in Early 2009:

Blacks in Iraq Inspired by Obama:

Parties unable to agree on N. Korea Nuclear Verification:

Native Hawaiians could finally get recognition:

Department of Energy Calls for 3-fold Expansion of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump Site:

DR Congo Peace Talks Collapse:

Ethiopian Troops Launch Major Action in Somalia:

And yet most major US dailies don't even mention these stories.



troutbirder said...

Indeed though I did read about the Minn. 34th division deployment in the Tribune this morning. The drive down 52 was way cool! Having made the trip between the Cities and Bluff Country a million times. Thanks for sharing.

beegirl said...

Hi Troutbirder!

I see stories turning up in US media a day after they appear in the foreign press with some frequency. If my scruples were fewer, I'd play the psychic .....

I enjoyed my visit to your blog!