Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Ravel

A while back, I looked up "ravel," being curious about the counterpart of the word "unravel." I learned they mean the same thing. For me this is a good thing, because I need two words to accommodate all the ripping, tinking, and undoing I do of my knitting. Few things I have made were knit once. At least part of everything I knit has been re-knit. At present, two of the three projects I am working on are repeat performances. One project is a pair of socks that has made it twice to the heel portion of one sock, and then been throttled into a new skein when I decided that the lace patterns I had chosen wouldn't work in one instance and in the other, that the size was hopelessly off. The other project is a pillow cover from a Jo Sharp book. I finished the item scrupulously per the instructions, but it didn't sufficiently resemble the original example I fondled at the Winter knitting retreat at Widji a couple of years ago. Not enough body. I could have felted it, but the size would have reduced too much and the cable would have been obscured. So, after enjoying it for months as a fabulously soft napping pillow, I have ripped it out, and am on the way to a new, improved version. Of course, I have to reknit the back cover that I just reknit because I've changed my mind (again) about the size. That will make this the third incarnation.......... so worth it, though, to have something I truly love.


Eryka Jackson said...

As we knit, we unknit. As we ravel we unravel. How very existential.

Thanks Cathy. How are you?

RuthieJ said...

Oh what a disappointment.....all that time on all those pretty cables. Good luck on the next version.