Monday, December 15, 2008


I have started posting on a writing site - poetry - called Northography. I post under my name, Kathleen Connelly, and my avatar is a Luna Moth. This is one of the poems I posted today. Writers respond to visual images posted by the site administrator. The photo that inspired the poem below was an abstract of lights.

I Can See

I can see microwaves,
Radiowaves and
The spray from my wireless router

I can see gamma, delta and xrays and
I can see your thoughts spiraling away from your head,
Titling and tipping and losing integrity, falling to the floor.

Is there anywhere I can go where I do not have to watch your
Cellphone signal
PDA array
GPS positioning fingers?

I am going to go stand in the emanations of the Magnetic Rock, and
Enveloped in their forceful strands,
I will await the next aurora.

(The Magnetic Rock Trail is located outside of Grand Marais, up the Gunflint Trail. It leads to a monstrously large glacial erratic, so powerfully magnetic that it interferes with compasses.)

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twinsetellen said...

When I told you last night that your writing on the blog recently was poetic, I hadn't even seen this post yet!

This piece was very hopeful and calming to me.