Saturday, January 31, 2009


These beautiful flowers are paperwhites. My M_in_L got the bulbs as a gift, but doesn't have an interest in growing plants, so they came to us. I potted them just 3 weeks ago, and today, they bloomed. Beautiful as they are, paperwhites carry a scent that is so treackly sweet as to be vaguely unpleasant. These pretty flowers stink.

On the other hand, are these objects. Pretty hideous, no? Barely visible in my poor photography are the little hairy filaments that make these objects that much more gruesome. These goblinesque globes are roasted beets, and one of the most delectable chthonic vegetables. The charred worms emerged during roasting. We'll enjoy these in chilled, wide slices, tossed with goat cheese, walnuts and a mild vinaigrette.

A clutch from my knitting group met today, and Karen told of how her late husband, a local astronomy professor, intentionally dressed down when teaching at a local private university, to demonstrate that intellect and quality of character do not necessarily require an affluent appearance. This lovely man got student reviews that included such pithy insights as "Professor Rada's hair scares me a bit," and "His hair and beard need trimming." All of which made him roar with laughter.

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twinsetellen said...

So sorry to miss the clutching of the knitters (but we had success on our mission, so some good came of it).

I love it when you make me use my dictionary, especially for words I once knew.