Friday, April 10, 2009

Crochet Saves 98 year old Earthquake Survivor After 30 Hours Buried Beneath Rubble

Ok, not really saves her, but sort of.
(This crochet heart was made by my friend Kari, crochet maven).

Once in the '80's when I was bobtailin' it back from college to home in Minnesota (trucker talk - look it up) the air brakes failed and we spent hours on the roadside and in a truck repair facility. At the garage, I found an upturned bucket, sat down and knitted. My driver was amazed that I could sit so calmly after nearly being killed, and knit. I said, "It is because I am knitting that I can sit here so calmly."

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RuthieJ said...

Knitting does that for me too!