Thursday, September 24, 2009

55 Years

1 bottle Mionetto sparkling wine
2 amusee bouche
1 small frisee salad
2 crab appetizers
3 glasses of Oyster Bay New Zealand Wine
1 bowl of chowder
1 lobster tail
1 stuffed sole
1 cup of tea
1 special occasion dessert

My parents recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. I found out where they were going for dinner, snuck in and arranged for them to have champagne on their arrival. I also made arrangements to take care of the check, which they learned at the end of the meal when the server handed them the anniversary card I left at the restaurant. Cost - a small car payment. My Mom's delighted, tipsy phone call that evening to say thank you, and my dad calling me naughty at brunch the next morning - priceless.

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MarkN said...

You're the best!