Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trillium at the Garden

At the Garden Sunday, trillium were everywhere. The Snow trillium (T. nivale)
had died back weeks ago, but the other species were still blooming:

Yellow trillium (T. luteum)

Toadshade, or Sweet Betsy, which is supposed to smell like banana bread.
It's sweet, but it isn't banana bread! (T. sessile)

Purple (Red) Trillium, or Wake-Robin (T. erectum)

Unknown trillium - probably T. erectum

Prairie Trillium, which incongruously is found in deep, moist woods,
also called Bloody Butcher (T. recurvatum)

Nodding trillium (pink anthers)
(T. cernuum)

Drooping trillium (white anthers)
(T. flexipes)

Large-flowered trillium (T. grandiflorum)

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