Sunday, August 24, 2008

He Knows Exactly What To Do With His Youth

The saying "Youth is wasted on the Young" does not apply to my nephew Danny.

We went to the beach yesterday with a friend of his, so that my brother and sister-in-law could get the house ready for Danny's Grandpa (her dad) to come home from the hospital and receive hospice care there, where Grandpa has lived for years, now.

Danny is inexhaustible, insightful, funny and has immense inner strength. I think part of the reason has to have been the influence of his Grandpa, who has been all of those things, as well as a great Grandpa.

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Keena - mom to Alyssa and Rylen said...

I have to tell you that from before my daughter's birth until the day he passed when she was 6 years old, my grandpa stayed in our home and I, along with hospice, took care of him. What a blessing it was to my daughter and you would not believe how it has influenced the rest of her life. She just turned 16 and still to this day, talks about grandpa as if it were yesterday. I believe that was a part of her life that noone can ever take away from her or make her forget!