Saturday, August 23, 2008

What I Ate at the Fair

Tasting (not full servings) the competition at the Honey and Beekeeping Wing of the Hortculture/Agriculture Building
Pecan pie
Blueberry pie
Apple pie
Sage cornbread
Spinach salad with honey lime dressing

Bison Kabobs (the skewer qualifies this as "on-a-stick" fare)
Deep-fried Alligator
Hush Puppies (my first, and new obsession - thank you Dear Ellen!)
Half of a cream puff (again, thank you Dear Ellen for saving me from eating an entire posh pastry)
Lots and lots of water

There is so much to see and do at the Fair, but with my gigs doing demonstrations for the Hobby Beekeepers' and sitting at the Mn Knitter's Guild table, I had to a choose just a few:
Fine Arts Building
Creative Activities
EcoExperience Building
Chicken and Sheep Barn
Miracle of Birth Center

I found the Miracle of Birth Barn very difficult. I have attended animal births and know that they like quiet. The din in the center is deafening. The conditions in which they are kept appear inadequate for health and comfort. The sows' bodies were covered with sores, for example. For more on this subject from a farmer who raises and eats animals, I recommend The Compassionate Carnivore, by Catherine R. Friend.


pbird said...

I share your thoughts about the birth center...last year a newborn calf (mother no where to be seen) looked so sad and overwhelmed I wanted to just take it in my arms and whisk it away. I don't think we'll make it to the fair this year, although I would like to catch up with the beekeeper crowd! Did you enter any of your honey products in the fair? Or is that pretty fierce competition?

beegirl said...

I did enter, with not thought of winning because there were some stray wax flakes in my jars that I didn't have time to strain out - but they always need more exhibitors to round out the display, so I entered anyway! As usual there were lots of people stopping in, and pretty knowledgeable about CCD and pollinator issues in general.