Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Sweater

This sweater took no time at all to make - big yarn, big needles. And it is one of my doodling sweaters - that is, I made it up sort of as I went along. I started with a pattern, but there was no colorwork on the sleeves, so I started the colorwork sooner on the sweater and added it to the sleeves, then I had to fill in the rest of the yoke with new patterning. Some of that I made up and some I borrowed from other pictues of sweaters with patterns I liked. The decreases were a bear. I may still rip it back and redo some of the patterning and correct the rate of decreases.

I have only done one other yoke sweater and that ended up at Goodwill because it came out way, way too small. This is the second collar on this sweater. The first one was a sort of I-cord collar I got from Susan Saari's copy of June Hiatt's Principles of Knitting when I was in Ely last month. I am hoping that the hugeness of this sweater will suit me, that it will not felt when I wet-block it and that will not itch too much. The yarn that isn't blue came directly from Iceland, brought back by friends as a thank you when I watered their yard during their absence. Whatever other reservations I have about it, those will be vanished by the warmth of my friends' generosity surrounding me like a hug.


cornbread hell said...

bee-yoo-ti-ful sweater, beegirl.

i found you via annie's maplecorners blog. my dad was a beekeeper. i miss it a lot. someday i hope to get back into it.

twinsetellen said...

That sweater looks like an old friend lounging on your deck and ready to have a chat. I love it!

RuthieJ said...

That's a lovely sweater Kathy! I really enjoy knitting those circular-yoked Icelandic sweaters too.

Annie said...

That is one beautiful sweater.