Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun Morning

We took care of our niece yesterday. A little less than three hours exhausted me so comprehensively, that I fell asleep while on the table at my accupuncturist's appointment later that day. We love this little girl - a wonderful surprise gift of energy and delight that makes us feel both young again, and every bit our ages. Hide and seek, races (opponents must hold hands) up and down the halfway, reading, coloring, playing with stickers, tumbling, playing with Kitty and many other activities kept Elizabeth and us well-amused.


twinsetellen said...

The second picture captures the blur that childhood is. What fun!

Linda B said...

I saw your comment on Celtic Memory so thought I'd stop by. I don't have any markers listed on Ebay at the moment, because I am busy working on two new collections, but I do have a few leftover from fall. Here is the link to the photo album on my blog:
I believe all those sets are still available. The cost is $9.00 plus $2.50 shipping in the USA.

Linda Burklin

Eryka Jackson said...

I love the blurred picture. It is so rare to see a child of that age standing or sitting still, so you captured the true essence of her. It must have been great having her there!