Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning Mind

I woke up with a poem in my head:

The earth rests
The terrain rebounds
From the weight of great ponderous things
Glaciers melt
Waters course
Boulders tumbled off, brushed away by the leavening fingers of tectonic hands

The earth breathes
The land sighs
Exhalations from cavernous lungs, pocked with karstic gaps and pockets
Blowholes from which desert musk rises or falls
Fillips of brittle frozen air tossed off a mountaintop, strewn with pellets like tears
Breaths slow enough to be melancholy
Breaths long enough to be eternal

The earth in repose
The landscape crumbles
Into fragments of itself, fractal rivers, cliff faces dissolve into sand
Shoulders that shrug off burden
A pulse of force unseen ripples through it all, holding it together for the sake of
A heartbeat

1 comment:

MarkN said...

Very, very nice. You have a pleasing way with language...